BREAKING NEWS: National Public Rodeo

It seems NPR’s Board has now seen fit to oust CEO Vivian Schiller, who has been a lightning rod for Republican indignation ever since she fired Juan Williams.  Yesterday, a James O’Keefe video sting exposed Ron Schiller (no relation), NPR’s VP of Development, as he aired unfortunate and seemingly biased opinions to undercover operatives of O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas”.  This seems to have been the last strike for Ms. Schiller, and a decisive PR move to clean house as CPB prepares for what may prove to be a “do or die” appropriation battle. But if you think the Juan Williams story gave conservative forces reason to rant, this will clearly raise their outrage level to heights unseen in four decades of public broadcasting debate.  We will keep you posted on any further fallout.  For now, we will let Vivian Schiller make her own case for NPR’s complete lack of bias, the growth market in public media, and the future of radio.  Click to here to see her interview with Jon Friedman of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network.


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