(Pledge) Driving You Crazy?

‘Tis the season.  PBS needs your support once again, and according to Elizabeth Jensen in the New York Times, this year’s pledge drives will be especially desperate and aggressive with the CPB’s federal funding hanging in the balance. Jensen offers an intriguing outlook on pledge drives (originally termed “Festivals”) and points to their future as PBS.Org begins to integrate a new localized funding engine that may even be attracting younger supporters (how many, there’s apparently no telling).  Meanwhile, in some markets, viewer complaints have been able to curtail pledge drives altogether in favor of “can’t miss” local events like antique appraisal fairs!  It’s a good read, so click here to have at it.

Pledge drives do have a way of making PBS seem like a charity case, which demeans the importance of its mission.  And it would be nice to find a way to fund PBS that at least doesn’t annoy people.  For now, however, we’re stuck with the system we have, and the need is more serious than ever, so take a minute to make a donation on the new and improved PBS.Org.


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