How Happy Days Can Be Here Again for PBS/NPR

William Warren at Americans for Limited Government hits the nail on the head with this cartoon, but he and others want that nail in PBS and NPR’s coffins.  We at FIXPBS think the increasingly popular limited government message could and should rather be used to resurrect public broadcasting; to endow it with a solar-powered, recession-proof funding system.  The kind of political sentiment Mr. Warren depicts here is contagious in hard times, and certainly catching in the GOP primary.  What if both parties could actually concede to phase out the CPB and the federal appropriation, and hammer out a plan for PBS and NPR’s long-term survival with real bipartisan support.  Impossible you say?  Well, FIXPBS has hatched just such a plan; click here for the “Reader’s Digest” version.  The only question remaining is who will move first and earn the credit for it:  President Obama, or President Romney?


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