Romney: Big Bird’s Gonna Have Advertisements

PBS has slowly been opening its door to commercial sponsorships over the years, but Mitt Romney seems to want to kick the door off its hinges.  We at FIXPBS favor keeping PBS entirely free from commercial interests by weaning it off the federal appropriation and negotiating a transition to a federally mandated licensing fee system, wherein cable providers charge households a negligible monthly fee for the inclusion of PBS in basic cable packages.  Cable providers would be incentivized with a percentage of this fee, and PBS’ proceeds could seed a permanent public broadcasting trust fund.  And, if a bigger and better PBS could then centralize its national network operations and eliminate waste and redundancies, its future could look very bright indeed.  It’s a transcendent, winning logic that could play well as well for President Obama as it would for President Romney.  Now is the time to prepare a real plan, and if PBS matters, why not opt for a real and lasting solution, rather than political stopgaps and half-measures?


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