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Have a Koch and revile

david-koch_vert-ccd402ed00f1a16d42e580bd67a7191f2d78cb3c-s6-c10Jane Mayer has a great piece in this week’s New Yorker entitled “A Word from our Sponsor:  Public television’s attempt to placate David Koch”.  It offers a truly enlightening, inside look at the cancers in PBS’ system: its funding, its funders, its internal politics, its convoluted management, and its muddled member station system.  Click here to read all about it.  It should also be noted that The New York Observer once opined that David Koch may also be calling the shots at the PBS series NOVA.  One does have to wonder what motives the Koch brothers have in supporting PBS, as their political ideology clearly abhors public broadcasting and its government subsidy.  Let us know what you think is at work here, and stay tuned to this blog as we find the fix for all that ails PBS.


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