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NewsHour Now Open Weekends


NewsHour will now remain open on weekends, with the launch of PBS NewsHour Weekend.  Hari Sreenivasan will assume hosting duties, and now, with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff co-hosting weekdays, PBS will be the only broadcaster without a white male anchor on any day of the week.  The announcement is certainly a victory for diversity, and a heartening sign that NewsHour is aware and responsive to demographic reality, but recent PBS expansions in news programming, like World Focus (hosted by Mr. Sreenivasan), have failed to find an audience.  Younger viewers, who tend to connect to fast, free news content that often breaks over social media, remain the holy grail for PBS.  Even if a 24/7 PBS news cycle can get up to speed with the 18-49 crowd, it is unlikely it can count on their support at pledge time in the age of free internet content.  Click here to watch a HuffPost Live interview with Hari Sreenavasan. The 30-minute PBS NewsHour Weekend will air Saturdays and Sundays.  Check local listings for times.


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