Tom Wentworth is a documentary producer and writer. He began his career as a print journalist, writing for The San Francisco Bay Guardian (at the age of 19) and later for The Wisconsin State Journal/Capital Times while earning a BA in History, with concentrations in American Urban History and Environmental Studies, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  After college, Tom joined Teach for America in Los Angeles, where he also helped launch Global Green, USA, the American branch of Mikhail Gorbachev’s environmental network, Green Cross International.

Tom’s diverse interests in journalism, history, education, and photography all coalesced when he studied historical documentary filmmaking at George Washington University.  Since then, he has spent over 10 years as a documentary producer for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CBS News Productions, Charlie Rose, Nightline, A&E, Channel 4, BBC, The Outdoor Life Network, The Documentary Channel, The Washington Post and Newsweek Productions.  In 2008, Tom also served as Executive Producer in launching the new media website Big Think (www.bigthink.com), which Time Magazine named #1 of its “50 Best Websites of 2011”.  Most recently, he was the Co-Executive Producer and Writer of the original comedy series “Head Case” on Starz Network.

Tom lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Claudia, and son, Clay.


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